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Transfer Student Stories

Transfer students come to Carolina from locations across the state, nation, and world bringing with them many different perspectives and experiences. Appreciating the stories of transfer students in our community is imperative to fostering student success. Transfer students make a dynamic contribution to our undergraduate population. Explore the videos and profiles featured here to learn more about the diverse and exciting group of transfers at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Transfer Student Stories


Read about transfer students who are making the most out of their college experience and why they LOVE being a Tar Heel!

Name: Smith
Major: Biology

Smith transferred from Durham Technical Community College, and completed an internship in the Office of Undergraduate Retention. During his time in our office he learned about the theory of Growth Mindset, studied by Carol Dweck. Read a poem by Smith below.

The Summer I Was Seventeen
By Smith Ngeve

In the highs of temperatures,
And well high above floors
I learned in an office chair
About mindsetFrom writing again and again
I thought about what I wrote
From verbal prescriptions, I couldn’t help,
But think about the impact of these prescriptions

Indeed, over-and-over again breeds an experienced mind
I came to realize that it is not necessarily about the altitude of successes
But great acknowledgement of the best of shots to every endeavor
That’s the mindset I’ve come to admire
The mindset I’ve come to develop

And in the end, when I evaluate the outcome
It is most delightful no matter what it is
That I get the A for my effort
And keep on keeping on

Name: Eli
Major: Economics | MDS & Philosophy Minor

Everyday, I enjoy the exceptional opportunities that UNC embodies. These opportunities are attributable to my  decision to attend this remarkable university. From academics to social life, UNC has paved the way for an  array of opportunities that foster growth and creativity. Carolina has helped me cultivate my interests in  Economics and Statistics and apply my interests beyond the classroom. Additionally, my interactions with other  students outside the classroom have given me a sense of community, and a home away from home. UNC  exemplifies the timeless college feeling while drawing deep ties to the community it embodies.

Name: Sarahi
Major: Political Science | Public Policy

A culture like no other, UNC’s inclusive environment has been a fertile ground for my growth and development. Despite the mass of students that could be very intimidating, I found it easy to find my circle from orientation groups, campus clubs,  and even on-campus living, just to name a few. The University has offered opportunity after opportunity that it is hard to regret my decision to attend Carolina. Resources like Career Services helped me plan for my ultimate goal by helping me be more competitive at internship searches and potential resume-enriching extracurricular activities. I’ve come to appreciate the enormous support system of friends and peers around campus who provide me with the motivation to keep pressing on for excellence. Planning ahead, as I would advise any transfer student, is what enables me to keep thriving. And when it is that time to relax, what could be more Tar Heeling than pit sitting in the summer under Carolina blue skies around the most wonderful people in the world?

Name: Rhett
Major: Exercise & Sports Science (EXSS)

I followed the athletic name and reputation Carolina has, along with the wonderful tours of the university I had shortly before my letter of admission to Carolina. But transferring to Carolina was a whole different story. As a transfer student, I had a T-link mentor who was always there to answer my questions or help me find answers to them. And moved by the practicality of this resource to transfer students, I decided to be one. T-linking, among the many gems of the transfer experience and being at Carolina, has enriched me with ways to mentor transfer students and gain success strategies through constantly revisiting challenges and answering questions. This transfer experience changed the way I learned as my persistence helped me to find new ways. Taking STEM classes, as easy as it is to fall behind, I learned to make today tomorrow because I think that success through STEM is a more like a marathon not a sprint. It’s a 4-year journey and no matter where I started, it is important to stick to a 4-year plan and always remember that it is always a Good Day To Be A Tar Heel!

Name: Sally-Irene
Major: Anthropology

It was scary and new at first. But through it all, UNC had my back. As promised, the academic rigor was top notch but encircled with all the resources, I only grew out of them. From academic advising, to student aid and the Carolina Covenant, to undergraduate retention, to the learning center, to the writing center and to career services just to name a few, I can only appreciate how the different programs and resources that UNC offers has redirected me such that I could rediscover my worth and true potential. Even through on-campus living, the welcoming people and wonderful leaders were very important in building that community of peer resources that fostered my growth and development. Coming to Carolina is one of the best decisions I ever made and making use of the resources makes me enjoy this place even more.

Name: Ryan
Major: Business Administration

Transferring to UNC, I found myself in the midst of a very welcoming space where the focus was on my growth and excellence. I got to interact with my professors very intimately that we got to know each other and the direction and guidance they offered me was very personalized. This did not only help me academically, but with professional connections that points me to my future success. Crowning this, Transfer United was there to provide that home; living with people in similar situations like me just encouraged me the more and having fun events and taking the transfer seminar together helped to enhance our circle. A few of my favorite events I attended were Holi Moli and the Duke game. And it goes without saying that Rushing Franklin after the basketball game just reminds me of how great this place is, and how great it is to be part of it.

Name: Abby
Major: Economics | Minor in Business

UNC Chapel Hill was more than what I envisioned when I was transferring. The abundant opportunities for growth and development have enabled me to rediscover my interests and foster a healthy community. Indeed, I realized that it easy to be overwhelmed by the heavy workload in such a short amount of time, and hard to acclimate to the UNC-style study processes and prioritization, yet, when things may seem to be out of hand, peer comparison might be an immediate resort. But for me, the circle of wonderful people on this campus helped to keep me accountable and highly motivated. Through Clubs, Orientation, and Tar Heel Beginning (THB), I found and continue to find people that enhance my sense of belonging to the university. And these extracurricular activities like Club Tennis, DHRE Resident Advising, and my involvement with the Black Student Movement on campus don’t only help to build my resume, but are immense stress relievers that help me find more connections. It’s basically what you make of this place because UNC has got it all. As I would advise incoming students, taking advantage of resources around the campus and staying busy has supported and kept me motivated to succeed.