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Luke Fayard

Luke Fayard

Transfer Student Coordinator
(919) 445-4890

Hello, current and prospective transfer friends! My name is Luke Fayard, and I’m an academic counselor / coach that is dedicated specifically to transfer students here at UNC.

Despite my misleading title, I don’t work in Admissions and I’m not part of the application process. I’m also not an advisor, which means I can’t help you with major/minor requirements, which classes to take, etc. But, I happily help both current and prospective transfer students with a LOT of other things!

I often get the question, “What kinds of things can I ask you?” My reply… “Try me.” I like to serve as the hub for my transfer friends, meaning that if you don’t know where to go with a question, you come to me. I may not have the answer, but I’ll be happy to help you dig for it. I’m also happy to simply listen. I spend a lot of time with students, just listening to what is going on in their worlds and helping them to navigate it. So, if you have a question / need advice / are wondering if I can help… Try me.

If you are a current transfer student and you’d like to meet with me, you can do so through the link to the right. Or, you can just email me with the best general days and times for you to meet, and I’ll do my best to schedule around you quickly. For prospective or inactive students, this is the way to go. While I have to prioritize our current students, I’m always happy to help those of you who are hoping to join us in Chapel Hill.