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Transfer Students FAQs

Transfer Students FAQs


I have decided to accept my admissions offer, what are the next steps?
Congratulations on being admitted to UNC-Chapel Hill! You are going to have a life-changing experience over the next few years. Use the admitted transfer student checklist for step by step instructions on making a successful transition to UNC-Chapel Hill. You should also visit the New Transfers section of this website.

Is Orientation mandatory?
Transfer Orientation is required for all new students. Orientation is an opportunity to learn important tools and gather essential information that will aid in your successful transition to UNC-Chapel Hill. If cost is an issue, contact New Student and Carolina Parent Programs at 919-962-8304.

What if I cannot attend the June, July, and August Orientation dates?
Orientation is requiredfor all transfer students. If this is your situation, contact New Student & Carolina Parent Programs as soon as possible to discuss your situation.

When should I register for classes?
You should register for classes as soon as possible via ConnectCarolina. See the admitted transfer student checklist for information regarding the registration process. The checklist has links to course registration and academic advising information. We strongly encourage transfer students with majors in the College of Arts and Sciences take the the Transfer Student Module before registering for courses.

Where do I go if I have questions regarding the course registration process (i.e., lab/recitations, the courses I need are full, etc.)?
Contact academic advising for questions about the course registration process and academic course planning.

How do I register for summer school if I am new transfer student?
Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to have your enrollment term adjusted to the summer session. Once that has been completed, you can register for summer school in ConnectCarolina.

Things to remember:
• You will send the email to
• You should only indicate one of the options for summer, not all three.
• Your PID will be to the right of your name on ConnectCarolina.

Here is a template you can use for contacting Undergraduate Admissions:

Subject line: Request for summer enrollment

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is (Your Name) and I have been admitted as a transfer student for the Fall of 2020. My PID number is (Your PID) and I would like to request to be able to enroll in (Summer Session I/Summer Session II/ Both SSI and SSII) during the summer of 2020.

Thank you,

Your Name

When will transfer credit evaluation reports be available?
Transfer credit evaluation reports usually become available a few weeks after you are admitted to UNC-Chapel Hill. You can check your transfer credit report in the ConnectCarolina Student Center. Contact Undergraduate Admissions if you have questions about your transfer credit evaluation report.

What do I do if I think I should have received credit for a course?
If you think should you have received credit for a course under a different designation (i.e., general education requirements, major requirements), consider having your course re-evaluated through the transfer credit re-evaluation process.

Where can I find parking and transportation information?
Campus maps and bus routes can be found here. Click here for student parking information.

What are my on-campus housing options?
Housing and Residential Education has a number of housing options for transfer students. Student with children should consider Baity Hill Family Housing as an option.


What makes a successful Carolina student?
The path toward student success is a combination of academics, engagement and wellness. Successful students seek and utilize the many resources available to support their path toward graduation. Successful students also find healthy ways to manage their time, money and maintain their health and motivation for staying in school. To discuss transfer student success, make an appointment with the Transfer Student Coordinator.

What resources are available to help transfers succeed at Carolina?
Check out the complete list of Carolina’s resources for suggestions.

When will exams occur? When are student breaks from school?
Check the Academic Calendar for break dates and exam schedules.

How can I get to know my professors?
Instructors typically have office hours, or time outside of the regular class meeting, when students can receive individual feedback about their progress and performance in the course, or an assignment. Students are also encouraged to make an appointment with instructors if office hours are not at a mutually convenient time.

Where can I go for help with academic course planning?
If you are in the College of Arts and Sciences, contact academic advising. If you are in the professional schools (i.e., Nursing, Journalism & Mass Communication, etc.), contact their academic advising program.

Where can I go for help with developing academic habits and goals?
Set up an academic success appointment with the Transfer Student Coordinator. The Center for Student Success and Academic Counseling has great resources like the Writing Center and Learning Center.


Where can I go . . .

to improve my writing skills?

to improve my study skills?

to discuss General Education Requirements?

to talk about personal issues?

if I have LD or ADHD or wonder if I do?

for academic support for student athletes?

for international student services?

to learning about diversity?

to discuss my financial aid?

if I have a housing or roommate concern?

if I want to Study Abroad?

if I get sick on campus?

if I need an emergency loan?

… to learn more about housing and residential education?

… to join student organizations?