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Hogan Book Award

The Hogan Book Award

Dr. Kelly Hogan, STEM Teaching Associate Professor and Assistant Dean  of Instructional Innovation in the College of Arts & Sciences, and her husband, Dr. Brian Hogan,  Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Covenant Director are advocates for first generation college students. Dr. Brian and Kelly Hogan understand that textbooks in STEM disciplines can be very expensive and consequently created the Hogan Book Award.

By providing an annual donation, students enrolled in introductory STEM courses such as Physics 114/115, Biology 101 and Chemistry 101 are able to receive free textbooks and course material.  In addition to the Hogan’s generous contribution, this award is largely possible because of the partnership that the Office of Undergraduate Retention has with Pearson Education. Since 2014, Pearson Education has donated up to 10 textbooks and access cards each year to the Office of Undergraduate Retention to be distributed to students who meet the following guidelines:

1) Are enrolled in Biology 101, Physics 114 or 115, and/or Chemistry 101 for the Spring semester.

2) Are from a family where neither parent has earned a two-year or four-year college degree.

3) Have earned a 3.000 cumulative GPA or higher.

4) Have demonstrated financial need.

If you are interested in widening the reach of this award by donating to this fund, please contact Katie Cartmell at

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The inaugural recipients of the award received their textbook and certificate at a lunch on Friday, January 9, 2015. Award recipients were asked to write a letter of support to other first generation college students interested in studying STEM disciplines.

The award recipients and their letters are featured below:







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