Give a Gift

Give a Gift
It truly takes a university to create conditions under which students successfully persist. At Carolina, there are many successful initiatives across campus to improve retention and graduation rates among students. It is our goal to work collaboratively with faculty and staff to promote student success.The information accessible through the “Faculty & Staff” tab and throughout this website includes tangible tools, actions, and strategies you can employ in your daily work with undergraduates. In particular, we strongly encourage you to:

We also encourage you to contact us directly if you have any questions, suggestions, or ideas for partnership. Please email us at

Working from Student Strengths
Our goal in working to enhance undergraduate retention and persistence is to work from as positive, as opposed to a deficit-oriented, framework.  We believe that to increase retention and student success, we need to work from student strengths, not weaknesses. Consider how you can help students find their strengths. Read this short article: What’s Right With You: Helping Students Find and Use Their Personal Strengths.

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