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The Bill Friday Award

The Bill Friday Award

Serving from 1956 to 1986, William Clyde “Bill” Friday was the first and longest serving President of the University of North Carolina system. Dr. Friday, a first-generation college student, devoted to public service worked to grow, unify, and desegregate the university system during a turbulent and politically contentious climate. He was a tireless advocate of providing high quality and affordable education to all North Carolina students. This award is presented by the Carolina Parents Council in honor of Dr. Bill Friday to a graduating first-generation college student.

If you have a student who shares Dr. Friday’s passion and commitment to public service and education, we encourage you to complete a nomination form.

Characteristics of Bill Friday Award winners:

  • Demonstrates commitment to public service and higher education.
  • Advocates for vulnerable populations in a respectful and tactful manner.
  • Exhibits strong leadership qualities.

This award is facilitated in partnership by the Carolina Parents Council, the Office of New Student and Family Programs and the College of Arts and Sciences.