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Academic Eligibility


At this time, all student appointments are being conducted virtually by Zoom. If you have questions about academic eligibility between August 6-14, please connect with our team via virtual drop-in support. When completing the sign-in form, be sure to include “Academic Eligibility Questions” as a reason for speaking with an Advisor. For scheduled appointments from August 17 forward, you will receive a confirmation message after making an appointment via Bookings that includes a hyperlink for joining your Zoom appointment.

The probation process is designed to help students and promote a successful experience at Carolina. We are committed to the academic success of each of our students, and understand that success is not always achieved in a predictable path. There are many reasons students enter the warning process, including personal, financial, health, family, or other issues. Our goal is to help you identify the factors that are relevant to you and to help you address them. You are not alone in experiencing these difficulties. Many students participate in the probation process each year and make progress towards achieving their goals.

Students must meet all four academic standards to be in good standing. We know you can meet these requirements, and have designed a process to help you to address the causes of your academic difficulties.

Our Thrive Booklet is full of opportunities and programs here at Carolina.

Students who successfully appeal their “Suspension – Not Eligible to Enroll” status are granted one term of Probation. Probation is a one term opportunity to return to Good Standing. During the term on Probation, students must engage in the Restoring Eligibility Program and work closely with Undergraduate Retention as well as other resources on campus. Students must review their academic status at the end of every term. The official academic status in ConnectCarolina for students on Probation is “Probation – Eligible to Enroll.” Academic status is found under the “Academics” tab in “Student Center.” Students will have a status of “Probation – Eligible to Enroll” if they have been approved for Probation by appeal.

What do I do if I am on Probation?

The first thing a student on Probation should do is make a commitment to return to good academic standing. If you are on Probation during a Spring or Fall semester, you must engage in the restoring eligibility program within the first 3 weeks of the term. This process consists of personal reflection, goal setting, and working with campus resources in order to achieve success. One of the key elements of Probation is maintaining your relationship with your Retention Counselor. All of the program elements are outlined in a Sakai course designed for students on Probation. There are two ways to participate:

To support students through the probation process, our team has designed a program that consists of personal reflection, goal setting, and working with campus resources in order to achieve success. If you are approved for probation for the Spring 2020 term, we expect you to engage in the restoring eligibility process by February 28th – taking advantage of the support early on will help you to maximize your opportunities during the semester and see improvements in your academics. One of the key elements of being enrolled while on probation is maintaining your relationship with your assigned Academic Eligibility Counselor.  There are two ways to participate:

Option 1: Engage in Individual Support

Schedule & attend a Student Success Consultation with your assigned Academic Eligibility Counselor (this appointment should be completed within the first four weeks of the term). Together with your Counselor, you will complete the Academic Success Plan (you will be provided this worksheet at the meeting).Schedule & attend a follow-up appointment with your Academic Eligibility Counselor.

Option 2: Enroll in Road to Resilience

Register for Road to Resilience: a supportive, small-group experience in which students on Warning/Probation meet on a weekly basis to reflect on past habits, develop personal ownership over their personal and academic success, and strengthen academic skills while developing a community with their peers

You are expected to engage with the Office of Undergraduate Retention through the following ways:

The first step is to complete the online Self-Assessment. After completing the Self-Assessment you are expected to complete one of the following options:

  1. Continue onto the online Academic Success Plan. Simply select this option upon completing the Self-Assessment.
  2. In person Academic Success Consultation
    1. Schedule & attend a Student Success Consultation with an Undergraduate Retention Counselor (see more information below).
    2. Bring a printed copy of the Self-Assessment to your Consultation.
    3. Complete the Academic Success Plan with the Counselor.
  3. Enroll and participate in a Road to Resilience The group meets weekly and is an opportunity to strengthen academic skills (time management, study skills, etc.) and learn how to become more resilient.
There will be a hold place on student accounts in the third week of the semester. This hold will be removed once students have completed their Academic Success Consultation (or engagement in Road to Resilience) and confirmed the scheduled Academic Advising appointment.

We invite students to take advantage of all of the resources available, including both the Academic Success Consultation and Road to Resilience.*If you are unable to attend a scheduled meeting, it is a common courtesy to provide advanced notice so that other students may benefit from this availability.

The Restoring Eligibility Program is designed to support you in achieving academic success while on Probation. The sooner you take action and utilize the available resources, the more you will benefit. We encourage you to complete the Self-Assessment within the first few weeks of classes. A hold will be placed on your account after the third week of classes which will prevent you from registering for future terms. This hold will be removed once you have completed the Restoring Eligibility Reflection and confirm your scheduled Academic Advising appointment.
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