Academic Eligibility


What is Warning?
Students who begin an enrolled term in good standing, but do not meet each of the four standards at the end of that enrolled term will receive an academic status of Warning. Students with a status of warning may enroll in courses and must complete an academic intervention. During the term on Warning, students must complete a 4-step academic intervention and work closely with Undergraduate Retention as well as other resources on campus. The official academic status in ConnectCarolina for students on Warning is “Warning – Eligible To Enroll.” Students must review their academic status at the end of every term. Academic status is found under the “Academics” tab in “Student Center.”

What do I do if I am on Warning?
The first thing a student on Warning should do is make a commitment to return to good academic standing. If you are on Warning during a Spring or Fall semester, you must complete the following intervention. Please note: Students on Warning during Maymester, Summer I, or Summer II 2017 will receive instructions about the intervention via email when classes begin.

  1. Complete the online Self-Assessment.
  2. Schedule an appointment with Academic Advising.
  3. Schedule & attend an Academic Success Consultation with Undergraduate Retention.
    • a. Bring a printed copy of the Self-Assessment to your Consultation.
    • b. Confirm Advising Appointment – bring email confirmation of scheduled appointment with you to the Consultation.
    • c. Complete the Academic Success Plan.
  4. Complete recommended Modules available on Sakai & Academic Success Plan items.
    • Note: Completion of recommended Modules and utilization of resources will be considered if an appeal for Probation is necessary.
  5. Attend your appointment with an Academic Advisor.
    All students on Warning are expected to meet with an Academic Advisor at least one time during the semester to discuss their progress towards returning to good standing.

    • a. You must make an appointment using the online appointment scheduler.
    • b. Walk-in appointments cannot be used to fulfill the requirements for Warning.

*If you are ever unable to attend a scheduled meeting, it is a common courtesy to provide advanced notice so that other students may benefit from this availability.

In addition to these steps, it is highly recommended that you sign up for the Road to Resilience program.

When should I complete the intervention?
The intervention is designed to support you in your academic success while on Warning. The sooner you take action and utilize the available resources, the more you will benefit. We encourage to complete the Self-Assessment within the first few weeks of classes. A hold will be placed on your account during the third week of classes which will prevent you from registering for future terms. This hold will be removed once you have completed your Academic Success Consultation.

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