UNC Overview

Our Mission
Undergraduate Retention is committed to supporting all students on their path to graduation. We strive to enhance student success, which is a combination of academics, wellness and engagement, by encouraging students to identify their individual strengths and take full advantage of campus resources designed to help them succeed. We encourage students to give thoughtful consideration to their academic and personal goals leading them to take responsibility for their education, choices and decisions.
Our Vision
Carolina’s vision of becoming the leading public institution is grounded in its commitment to providing the strongest possible undergraduate educational experience. Institutional performance measures identify retention and graduation rates as key performance indicators. Undergraduate Retention will work collaboratively with units across campus to encourage the success of all students at Carolina while setting a national standard for degree attainment.
Our Values
  • Every student at Carolina has the potential to succeed.
  • Education takes place most productively in an inclusive, diverse and equitable community.
  • Student success is a combination of academics, wellness and engagement.
  • Students who self-advocate and take responsibility for their education are more likely to succeed.
  • Smart students take advantage of university resources.
  • University partnerships are imperative to encouraging student success; it takes a university to retain students.
  • Strength-based academic advising¬†encourages student success.
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