Transfer Professionals
Faculty and staff across campus are committed to supporting transfer students. Below are a few people who work with transfer specific support services. Please contact them with your questions!
Katie Cartmell
Katie Cartmell, Transfer Student Coordinator
Office of Undergraduate Retention,
Office of Undergraduate Education, 919-843-2987
Katie is the university contact for transfer student success. Current and admitted transfer students are welcome to make an appointment any time with Katie by reaching out to her via phone or email. She works with academic interventions for currently enrolled students, coordinates transfer student support in collaboration with campus partners, and provides guidance to encourage the retention and graduation of transfer students. If you have questions about admission to UNC-Chapel Hill or the application process, please contact Undergraduate Admissions directly.
Becky Egbert
Becky Egbert, Senior Assistant Director of Admissions, CSTEP Director
Office of Undergraduate Admissions, 919-445-8326
Becky is a great admissions resource for transfer students. She works closely with community colleges and universities to help transfer students successfully navigate the admissions process. She also directs the Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program (CSTEP) for selected North Carolina community college students./div>
Dennis Soberl
Dennis Soberl, Senior Academic Advisor for Transfer Students
Academic Advising Program, College of Arts and Sciences, 919-843-4948
Dennis serves as the Senior Academic Advisor for transfer students in the Academic Advising program. Dennis chairs the Transfer Advising Committee and coordinates programming to support transfer student success within the academic advising process.
Lisa Corwin
Lisa Corwin, Finish Line Project Coordinator for STEM Transfer Students
Office of Undergraduate Retention,
Office of Undergraduate Education
As Coordinator for STEM Transfer Students, Lisa works with UNC science departments and transfer institutions to ease students’ transition to UNC. She collaborates with instructors and academic advisors to design and implement a variety of programs aimed at supporting transfer student success.
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