Student Success Workshops

What are the tools students need to succeed in your course and beyond?
These workshops are designed to enhance behaviors and habits key to success in college. Choose one of the workshops below and we will come to your class to deliver a 50 minute, interactive presentation designed to promote student success in your class and beyond.

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1. Utilizing University Resources
Where is the Writing Center? Do students need an appointment to go to Counseling & Wellness Services? What do I do during an academic advising appointment? This workshop will provide students with an overview of the many resources available at Carolina as well as strategies to take full advantage of these resources. This workshop may be especially helpful for classes with a high enrollment of first year students.

2. Growth Mindset
Growth mindset is a concept developed by Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck. Students with a growth mindset believe that they can increase their abilities with quality time, effort, and resources. Students who choose to develop a growth mindset are more likely to bounce back from academic set-backs, to find resources to persist through challenge, and to enjoy the process of learning. This workshop will provide students with an understanding of mindset, the benefits of a growth mindset, as well as strategies for developing and maintaining a growth mindset in their everyday academic experiences.

3. Setting Goals and Developing Habits for Academic Success
Research shows that successful students set clearly defined and obtainable goals. Students in this workshop will engage in goal setting activities as well as learn about the techniques that allow successful students to be most effective and efficient with their time and energy. Students will leave this workshop with specific tools and strategies for active listening, note taking, reading and studying.

4. Time and Motivation: Managing the Most Valuable Student Resources
Poor time management and procrastination are two of the biggest challenges students face. This workshop will provide students with direct instruction on how effectively manage their time and avoid procrastination and sustain academic motivation.

5. Explore, Discover and Innovate: Making the Most of Your University
What is the value of a liberal arts education? What are the unique engagement and learning opportunities available to undergraduates? In this workshop, students will consider what it means to be part of a community of scholars, how to engage with faculty members and how to get the most from the myriad learning opportunities offered at Carolina.

6. Success in STEM: Approaches, Resources, and Opportunities
Many Carolina students are interested in pursuing majors in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Succeeding in STEM requires enthusiasm, resiliency, organization, as well as unique strategies, competencies and resources. This workshop is designed to encourage students to get excited about their potential within STEM and to understand key factors and strategies that can contribute to their success.

Schedule a workshop here. Contact Sharon Levine, Transition Course Coordinator, with questions.

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