Peer Reviewed Articles

    1. Midkiff, B., Langer, M., Demetriou, C. P., & Panter, A. T. (in press). Measuring grit among first generation college students: A psychometric analysis. In L. A. van der Ark, M. Wiberg, S. A. Culpepper, J. A. Douglas, & W. C. Wang (Eds.), Quantitative Psychology – The 81st Annual Meeting of the Psychometric Society, Asheville, North Carolina, 2016. New York: Springer Verlag.
    2. Powell, C., Demetriou, C., Morton, T. R., & Panter, A. T. (2016). Critical Race Theory as a framework for understanding and promoting minoritized student retention at Predominantly White Institutions. In S. Whalen (Ed.), Proceedings of the 12th National Symposium on Student Retention, 2016, Norfolk (pp. 114-129). Norman, OK: The University of Oklahoma.
    3. Demetriou, C., Meece, J., Eaker-Rich, D. & Powell, C. (2017). The activities, roles, and relationships of successful first-generation college students. The Journal of College Student Development, 58(1), 19-36.
    4. Demetriou, C., Powell, C., & Panter, A. (2015). The Finish Line Project: A U.S. Department of Education First In The World grant. In S. Whalen (Ed.), Proceedings of the 11th National Symposium on Student Retention, 2015, Orlando. (pp. 472-481). Norman, OK: The University of Oklahoma.

Other Project Publications

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