The Honors Program

The Honors Program
The Carolina Firsts Honor Scholars program is designed to motivate, facilitate and celebrate the participation of FGCS in programming that is traditionally underutilized by this student population. These students will be asked to participate in two programs: a research project under the supervision of a faculty member and a global project. The Office of Undergraduate Retention will work in conjunction with the Office of Undergraduate Research to ensure that students are paired with a faculty member specializing in the area of their substantive interest. Once students conduct the research project, they will have the opportunity to present their findings in a student symposium where professors and prospective applicants will have the opportunity to learn about their experiences. In addition, students will be able to relate to other students how they will use their gained experience in future endeavors. The cohort model will allow students to embark in this research journey together and provide the social and emotional support that a group setting creates. These students will also be recognized for their achievements during the annual Graduation Recognition and Pinning Ceremony.
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