Academic Progress Reports

Progress Reports – Information for Faculty
Faculty-student interaction is key to undergraduate success.
The Academic Progress Report (APR) system in ConnectCarolina gives instructors the opportunity to provide feedback to students in their courses who are performing well and to students exhibiting signs of academic distress. Academic Progress Reports are intended to encourage students to reflect on their academic performance and take action in a timely manner.
For concerns regarding a student’s well being, please fill out this form through The Office of the Dean of Students.

Instructors can submit up to 2 of the following progress report comments for each student enrolled in their course:

Assignment/Homework Concern

Class Participation Concern

Quiz/Examination Concern

Writing Skills Concern

General Concern

Immediate Action Suggested

Never Attended

Intermittent Attendance

Stopped Attending

Good Class Participation

Keep up Good Work

Showing Improvement

Outstanding Performance


We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to provide students with early feedback on their academic progress in your course. This is especially important for students early in their undergraduate career. For further information, please review these Frequently Asked Questions.

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