Thank you for visiting this website and encouraging your student to become a college graduate!

If you are the parent or guardian of a middle or high school student who wants to go to college, you can find helpful information about getting into college here.

You are also encouraged to visit Undergraduate Admissions and Scholarships and Student Aid.

If your student is the first member of your family to attend college, he or she is likely to face some unique challenges. There are several things you can do to help your student succeed.

Families can help students by:

  • Becoming familiar with university resources and encouraging your student to utilize resources. Parents can remind students that successful students take advantage of university resources.
  • Understanding that some students attach shame or stigma to asking for help. Let your student know that it is normal for students to seek help at Carolina and that smart students take advantage of university resources.
  • Encouraging your student to meet with their professors or teaching assistants during faculty office hours. All professors have faculty office hours for meeting with students outside of class time.
  • Discussing the dangers of spending too much time online. While the internet can serve as a way of maintaining social connections, too much time online can prevent students from meeting their academic responsibilities.
  • Understanding that first generation college students often struggle with issues that are unique to them. Many FGCS students begin their college experience with little or no knowledge of the expectations, resources, or jargon associated with college. This lack of knowledge may prevent FGCS from taking full advantage of academic and social opportunities. Encourage your student to participate in campus activities that will foster their sense of belonging on campus.  These activities may include attending Orientation, participating in a Living-Learning Community, joining a student organization or meeting with an academic advisor.
  • Visit the University and spend some time engaging in some of the many cultural and social opportunities for families to connect with the University. Visit the Carolina Parents website for more information.
  • Sign up for the Parents Email List: Email your first and last name, email address, the first and last name of your student and their PID to parents@unc.edu with a note requesting to join the list.

With your support, your student can make the most of his or her undergraduate experience.

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